Island hopping in the Azores archipelago Terceira – Graciosa – Sao Jorge Channel- São Miguel

Sail through the impressive Azorean archipelago in comfort aboard the newly renovated Santa Maria Manuela
Gain a hands-on sailing experience aboard this historic sailing ship
Explore the beautiful island of Graciosa and climb its volcano
Keep an eye out for whales in the São Jorge Channel
Support our citizen science project to raise awareness of the problem with marine litter
Discover Azorean food and wine
After disembarking at the end of the voyage explore volcanoes and swim in the famous lava pools of São Miguel

SMM COVID POLICY: Due to the uncertainties caused by the COVID pandemic, to ensure we keep everyone safe, our 2022 voyages focus on activities aboard the ship, and in visiting quiet anchorages and harbors. We will adjust our schedule in response to the changing situation, and will always seek to find the best solution for our guests whilst keeping everyone’s health and safety in mind.

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Our journeys to the Azores in 2018 and 2019 proved so popular that we plan to follow a similar itinerary as we hop through this impressive mid-Atlantic volcanic archipelago. Distances are short offering a number of experiences from sailing to visits to quiet anchorages.

During the journey the captain will decide on the best itinerary based on the weather and sea conditions in order to ensure all guests are comfortable and can get the most of these days.

We start in Terceira and finish in São Miguel. If the weather is good we hope to be able to stop on quiet anchorages around the central islands and to sail up the São Jorge Channel which offers the chance to spot for whales. Sperm whales are the resident species, along with blue, fin and sei whales. Bottlenose, Atlantic spotted and common dolphins also usual species here at this time of the year.

We plan to visit Graciosa, the serene island furthest north in the archipelago where the people have every right to be proud of their beautiful island, boasting the Furna do Enxofre, a 40m-high volcanic cave with a sulphureous lake.

Finishing in São Miguel, the largest of the islands, where, if you have the time after disembarking, it’s worth planning a few extra days to visit Ponta Delgada’s mosaic cobbled streets. Great fish restaurants abound, and the Furnas with its colorful crater lake and hot springs are a lure for the adventurous traveller. It is here where “cozido”, a rich meat and vegetable stew, cooks slow one meter deep for seven hours in the soil’s geothermal heat. The legend goes that the twin crater lakes of the nearby Sete Cidades were formed by the tears shed by a pair of star-crossed lovers: a green-eyed princess and a blue-eyed shepherd. Then there’s the option to swim in Caldeira Velha waterfall pool and wander in the Lagoa de Fogo nature reserve.

10 (16h00) – 17 (10h00) August

For this product the Portuguese taxation will be applied. If you require an invoice it is necessary to request it to Santa Manuel Manuela S.A. with tax number 515 755 028.

Price: 1.050,00



Santa María Manuela

The Santa Maria Manuela was launched on 10 May 1937 in Lisbon. It is a 67-metre sailing ship. The ship was named after the owner’s wife, Maria Manuela, mother of 16 children. The main function of the Santa Maria Manuela was cod fishing. The Santa Maria Manuela underwent a number of structural changes over the years, from the removal of the masts to the installation of a navigation bridge. In 1993 the ship was considered obsolete, was dismantled and only the steel hull remained. The following year the Santa María Manuela Foundation was created, a project that united 17 institutions under the same purpose: to recover the ship. The SMM now has unique conditions for sea voyages, events, parties and training at sea. Predominant colour WHITE.

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Island hopping in the Azores archipelago Terceira – Graciosa – Sao Jorge Channel- São Miguel

What is included

  • All meals on board Santa Maria Manuela – including breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • One bed in a shared cabin.
  • Tea, coffee, water and juice throughout the day.
  • Safety equipment.
  • Accommodation in a twin cabin with private bathroom.
  • Sail 154 nautical miles along the Mediterranean coast.
  • All the learning on board with a qualified crew.
  • Public liability insurance.

What it does not include

  • Travel to and from the ship.
  • Personal travel insurance.
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks at the bar (you will have an open bar tab during your trip, which you can pay for at the end, by cash or card, before disembarkation).
  • Any excursions or meals taken on land.
  • Any excursions or meals taken ashore.
  • Cost of entry visas to the various countries.

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Journey: Island hopping in the Azores archipelago Terceira – Graciosa – Sao Jorge Channel- São Miguel
Price: 1.050,00


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