What is Tall Ship Experience?

From Tall Ship Experience we want to offer you the chance to be part of the crew of 15th and 16th century ships through its trainees programme and live the experience of sailing aboard unique ships as one of the crew. This is a nautical-sports activity in which you will be able to take part in sailing manoeuvres, mooring, and learn about the maintenance and operation of this type of vessel. You will live an unforgettable experience.

You don’t need to be experienced or know how to sail, as on board you will learn everything you need to know that will allow you to become one of our crew.

Passionate about sailing

Tall ship experience was born with the enthusiasm and curiosity to be able to bring the adventures that take place at sea to all people, whether they know or not. We want to bring in a simple way to everyone the possibility of sailing in a unique way in one of the boats that we have. The trainees are small crossings that are made from port to port in which the sailor learns about a large number of manoeuvres and knowledge.


Your help will be necessary for the actions to be carried out.


Thanks to the experience on board you will develop personal, human and social skills. You will apply yourself in a team of workers where you will participate in all the tasks related to nautical activities.

Tall Ship Experience is a unique opportunity to be part of a crew and sail on historic ships. Sailing on a Tall Ship means entering a world of new experiences, participating in sailing manoeuvres, dealing with changing weather conditions, working together with the rest of the crew towards the same goal… DESTROY YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND TAKE ON AN UNIQUE CHALLENGE!

There are many Tall Ships and each one is totally different from the rest, standing out for its adventure, journey through history, learning, teamwork, time for leisure and relaxation, or the exoticism of its voyages on the high seas…. there is a Tall Ship for everyone! We offer places on the different Tall Ships mentioned above and advise on sailing training on board to all kinds of people, companies, etc. It is not necessary to have experience or to know how to sail, because on board, through sailing workshops, you will learn everything you need to know to be part of the crew.

Tall Ship Experience is:

  • Sail training: learning old rigging, knots and basic concepts.
  • Teamwork: taking part in the manoeuvres and operation of the ship.
  • Personal Development: improving the quality of life and overcoming new challenges.
  • Digital Detox: disconnect from technology and enjoy the marine fauna and the beauty of the horizons.
  • Sustainability: we take care of the sea, recycling and living with the limitations it imposes on us.

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