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The Nao Victoria Foundation is a non-profit organisation that specialises in the promotion and development of events through its replicas of historic ships (Nao Victoria, El Galeón, Nao Santa María and the Nao Victoria 500) in ports all over the world.

Their experience corroborates that the use of these historic ships as a vehicle, platform, resource or support is a powerful attraction and a guarantee of success.

The ships have participated in national and international exhibitions and events, which verify the massive public attendance in ports and their exceptional media impact.
These are unique resources that bring added value to the projects and, at the same time, become guarantors of their success:

  • They form a powerful platform for the dissemination and exhibition of contents.
  • They function as a visible and far-reaching attraction.
  • They constitute unique and innovative elements, with exceptional power of attraction, both at sea and in port.
  • They have an outstanding presence and repercussion in the national and international media.
  • They have an exceptional institutional and diplomatic reception and repercussion in the ports of arrival.

The Nao Victoria Foundation has been carrying out this trainee programme on the ships it manages for more than the end of 2017.

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