Le Havre (FR) – Falmouth (UK) – Brest (FR)

Destination       Le Harve – Falmouth – Brest

Dates                    6 June (Embark 16h00)                 – 11 June (Disembark 10h00)

Our voyage starts from Le Harve and sails abeam to the prevailing winds across the English Channel / La Manche into Falmouth before returning south to arrive in Brest at the start of one of the worlds greatest maritime festivals.

The two day crossing gives us enough time to learn the ropes of the Santa Maria Manuela, where all volunteers are welcomed to help the crew set sail and helm the wheel.  Knot classes are a great way to learn a new skill whilst sharing sailing stories with shipmates, and if the weather allows there’s the opportunity to go up the mast or relax on the bowsprit.  A drink at sunset on the deck is the perfect way to round off each day.

Before long we sail into Falmouth, the world’s third largest natural deep-water harbour, framed by Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a magnet for walkers and sailors.

The allure of sailing into Falmouth has inspired countless artists, sailors, explorers, musicians and boatbuilders for centuries. From Robin Knox- Johnston, to Ellen Macarthur to Henry Moore, many have sought solace, inspiration, sanctuary and escape among the inlets and creeks of the Fal estuary and the coves and cliffs of the stunning Cornish coastline.

As the most westerly large harbour in Britain, Falmouth played an important role in the era of sail. For around 150 years from 1689, Packet Ships left from Falmouth carrying mails to the growing empire.

Our voyage ends at the Brest Festival, hosted every four years for over 2,500 boats from around the world. Hundreds of thousands of sea-lovers and onlookers gather along the banks of the Penfeld and on the docks to admire the festivals flotilla, with the Santa Maria Manuela at the heart of this extraordinary maritime celebration.

After disembarking take time to revel in the live music shows, street performances, military processions and nautical displays, brows in the boutique shops and sample the many culinary flavors of France in the festival kiosks.


June in Falmouth is usually warm, with average temperatures ranging from 18°C (65°F) to 24°C (75°F).  A generally pleasant month with longer daylight hours, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

For this product Portuguese taxation will be applied. If you require an invoice it is necessary to request it to Santa Manuel Manuela S.A. with tax code PT-515 755 028.

Price: 750,003.900,00

Availability: Last places available


Santa María Manuela

The Santa Maria Manuela was launched on 10 May 1937 in Lisbon. It is a 67-metre sailing ship. The ship was named after the owner’s wife, Maria Manuela, mother of 16 children. The main function of the Santa Maria Manuela was cod fishing. The Santa Maria Manuela underwent a number of structural changes over the years, from the removal of the masts to the installation of a navigation bridge. In 1993 the ship was considered obsolete, was dismantled and only the steel hull remained. The following year the Santa María Manuela Foundation was created, a project that united 17 institutions under the same purpose: to recover the ship. The SMM now has unique conditions for sea voyages, events, parties and training at sea. Predominant colour WHITE.

Journey details


Le Havre (FR)


Brest (FR)

Map of the journey

What is included

  • Hands on sailing in comfort aboard the newly renovated historic tall ship Santa Maria Manuela.
  • A cross Channel classic voyage into historic Falmouth.
  • Swim and kayak in Falmouth’s clam waters
  • Embrace Brest’s festival atmosphere
  • Why not book two 5 day voyages (V12 and V13) to extend your adventure!

What it does not include

• Flights
• Transportation to and from the Santa Maria Manuela
• Add-on excursions not mentioned in this programme
• Discretionary tips.
• Travel insurance **
• Dive courses
• Wet suit rental *
* Price depends on equipment needed
** Dive insurance is required and general travel insurance is highly recommended
This amazing adventure does not require diving experience.

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Journey: Le Havre (FR) – Falmouth (UK) – Brest (FR)
Price: 750,003.900,00

Availability: Last places available

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