Sète (FR) – Castellón (ES)

Destination       Sete – Castellon

Dates                    1 April (Embark 14h00)                5 April (Disembark 10h00)

Escale à Sète is the biggest annual celebration of maritime traditions in the south of France, with the Santa Maria Manuela at the centre of the festivities which annually attract over 250,000 visitors.  Join this voyage and honor Europe’s great maritime heritage amongst many other tall ships with a backdrop of traditional French gastronomic and musical entertainment.

After a week of international sea shanties, sports, and maritime shows we set sail in company with the German Tall Ship Mogenster, bound for Escale à Castellon festival.

As we head south west along the Cote D’Azur, volunteer to help the crew hoist and set the sails. The feeling of helming a 68m sailing ship with the sensation as she responds to the command of the wheel is something to savor forever.   There´s nothing our crew like more then to share their knowledge of sailing with our guests, and they will encourage you to get actively involved in sailing the ship.

Knot classes are a great way to learn a new skill whilst sharing sailing stories with shipmates, and if the weather allows there’s the opportunity to go up the mast or relax on the bowsprit.  A drink at sunset on the deck is the perfect way to round off each day.

During the voyage, we will sail where the wind dictates.  Options include sailing south towards the Beleric Islands and stopping at a calm moment for a chance to swim and enjoy the ships kayaks and paddle boards.

Finally we sail into the historic port town of Castellon, and its vibrant festival which last attracted 273,000 visitors. We mark our arrival with a night of celebration with fellow shipmates during a deck BBQ

Before heading home enjoy the festival or take time to visit the cathedral, El Fadrí’s 60 meter medieval bell tower or the 17th century Kanamo Market building.


April in Sete offers mild and pleasant weather, with temperatures ranging from 13°C to 20°C, a  great way to see the spring in.

For this product Portuguese taxation will be applied. If you require an invoice it is necessary to request it to Santa Manuel Manuela S.A. with tax code PT-515 755 028.

Price: 690,002.880,00

Availability: Last places available


Santa María Manuela

The Santa Maria Manuela was launched on 10 May 1937 in Lisbon. It is a 67-metre sailing ship. The ship was named after the owner’s wife, Maria Manuela, mother of 16 children. The main function of the Santa Maria Manuela was cod fishing. The Santa Maria Manuela underwent a number of structural changes over the years, from the removal of the masts to the installation of a navigation bridge. In 1993 the ship was considered obsolete, was dismantled and only the steel hull remained. The following year the Santa María Manuela Foundation was created, a project that united 17 institutions under the same purpose: to recover the ship. The SMM now has unique conditions for sea voyages, events, parties and training at sea. Predominant colour WHITE.

Journey details


Sète (FR)


Castellón (ES)

Map of the journey

What is included

  • Be at the centre of the Escale à Sète festival Easter parade, sailing in company with other tall ships
  • Soak up the festival atmosphere of Escale à Sète and Castellon festivals.
  • A hands-on sailing experience aboard a historic 1937 tall ship.
  • Sail in comfort aboard the newly renovated Santa Maria Manuela.
  • Enjoy breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean coastline as you sail south from the Côte d’Azur.
  • Savor Mediterranean cuisine in charming seafood restaurants.

What it does not include

• Flights
• Transportation to and from the Santa Maria Manuela
• Add-on excursions not mentioned in this programme
• Discretionary tips.
• Travel insurance **
• Dive courses
• Wet suit rental *
* Price depends on equipment needed
** Dive insurance is required and general travel insurance is highly recommended
This amazing adventure does not require diving experience.

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Journey: Sète (FR) – Castellón (ES)
Price: 690,002.880,00

Availability: Last places available

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