Papeete (TA) – Rarotonga (CI)

EMBARKATION DAY 11/08/2024 AT 17:00H

Departing from wonderful Papeete, we sail to the Cook Islands, named after the famous British Captain James Cook. We are in the area where the south-easterly trade winds prevail, so we have a favourable wind direction. In July and August this trade wind is stronger and therefore the waves can be high. Therefore, we can ride quite a lot, but that also means that we are going at a good speed! In that case, we can do the crossing in six days – we’ll make good use of the time we “have left”!

Bora Bora is about 24 nautical hours northwest of Tahiti. The Dutchman Jacob Roggeveen “discovered” this island some 50 years before James Cook landed. Bora Bora is our first stop after a day of “dancing in the ocean”. The island is popular with honeymooners and tourists with a lot to spend. Apparently, it has a lot to offer! From Bora Bora it is another 550 nautical miles to Rarotonga, a distance we can cover in 4 days. After getting to know Bora Bora, the captain may decide to visit one of the neighbouring islands before starting the crossing to Rarotonga. During the crossing we expect a strong wind and swell, but the OOSTERSCHELDE has no problem with that, the boat comes into its own here and we make good speed through the deep blue waters. We’ll be there before we know it. Of course, we make sure we also have some time to see the island of Rarotonga. On land, attend a traditional fire dancing ceremony or try how the locals cook tropical fish in a hot stone Polynesian oven, and don’t miss the stunning coral reefs and beaches. The waters around the Cook Islands are calm, allowing you to snorkel and swim amongst the coral and marine life, as well as dive for pearls.

Before and after your leg of the trip
We strongly recommend that you book a few days’ accommodation in the port of embarkation (before you join the Oosterschelde), and a few days in the port of disembarkation (after you have completed your leg of the voyage). This will allow you to recuperate before and after your adventure and give you the opportunity to explore places at your departure and arrival points.

Level 2

Level 2 trips are suitable for anyone with good health and a reasonable level of fitness, with no mobility problems. On these voyages, you can expect days with strong winds or high waves, but most of the time conditions will be good. There is not always a harbour nearby and therefore (medical) help from land is not always available.

OOSTERSCHELDE wants to be accessible to the widest possible public, but you should be aware that you are making a trip on board a sailing yacht. This demands more of your physical abilities than a daily walk. One trip is more demanding than another. With the different levels we provide an indication of what kind of trip it is. If you are unsure whether a trip is suitable for you, it is important that you contact Tall Ship Experience for advice.


Small backpack that does not take up too much space in the cabin.
On deck we recommend shoes with slightly rough and preferably soft soles.
On land we recommend firm, waterproof hiking boots.
Valid passport
Sunglasses and sun cream
Binoculars for spotting all kinds of water creatures.
Waterproof clothing
Camera and video camera to remember your trip forever!

Price: 3.120,00

Availability: Only 4 places are available



The three-masted schooner “Oosterschelde” was built in 1918 as a sailing cargo ship. The ship plied European waters and was frequently seen off the coasts of Morocco and the Mediterranean. In 1930, heavier and more modern diesel engines were installed and the rigging was reduced. From 1939 onwards, the ship sailed under a foreign flag and in 1950 underwent a drastic conversion into a modern coastal vessel. In 1988, the “Oosterschelde” was returned to the Netherlands. The Rotterdam Sailing Ships Foundation took over the fundraising necessary to finance the restoration of the ship to its original condition. The “Oosterschelde” is now the only remaining representative of a large fleet of schooners that sailed under the Dutch flag at the beginning of the last century. It is registered as a monument by the Dutch Ministry of Culture. The “Oosterschelde” is autonomous and is used in domestic and foreign ports for presentation and promotion activities. domestic and foreign ports for presentation activities and by companies and other organisations. In 1998, the “Oosterschelde” completed a one and a half year voyage around the world. The ship sailed to Antarctica, the Falklands and South Georgia.

Journey details


Papeete (TA)


Rarotonga (CI)

Map of the journey

What is included

  • Navigation
  • Necessary basic training and workshops
  • Bunk bed with sheets and towel.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner corresponding to the sailing.


What it does not include

  • Transportation to and from the boat is at the expense of each person.

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Journey: Papeete (TA) – Rarotonga (CI)
Price: 3.120,00

Availability: Only 4 places are available

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