Loctudy (FR) – Santander (ES)

EMBARKATION ON 01/10/2023 AT 20:00

Embark on the Galleon and live the experience of sailing on a replica of almost 50 metres in length. A real merchant ship of the period in which the spaces are larger and more comfortable. On this voyage you will be part of the crew, using the same sailing techniques, with training on navigation, charts, use of sails, knots, and navigation watches, etc.

An exciting chapter lies ahead aboard the majestic Galeón Andalucía, as she sails from Loctudy to Santander. This voyage promises to be a captivating experience along the French coastline as she heads towards Santander. A sailing designed especially for those who are new to sailing on board large vessels.

From Loctudy, the Galeón Andalucía will enter the French coastal waters, tracing a spectacular route towards Santander. Every moment will be charged with excitement and wonder, providing a perfect introduction for those looking to familiarise themselves with the experience of sailing on large-scale vessels. Enjoy the entry into Santander aboard the Galeón Andalucía that will not leave you indifferent.

Once in Santander, a charming coastal town, you will be presented with a number of options to explore and enjoy. For foodies, local restaurants offer fresh seafood delicacies, from seafood to traditional dishes prepared with care. Local markets are also an ideal place to immerse yourself in the authentic flavours of the region.

The surrounding area of Santander offers a range of opportunities for visitors.

All in all, the journey aboard the Galeón Andalucía from Loctudy to Santander promises to be a voyage full of discovery and excitement. From sailing along the French coast to culinary and cultural experiences in and around Satnander, this maritime adventure provides a unique opportunity for those seeking an unforgettable introduction to deep-sea sailing.

Price: 300,00

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El Galeón

The Galeón Andalucía is a replica of the 16th century galleons that linked America, Europe and Asia. Launched in 2010, it has sailed from Spain to China, tours of the USA, Great Lakes, Canada, the Caribbean, Northern Europe, etc. It has 3 masts and bowsprit and 7 sails, 4 of them square and one lateen with a total sail area of 320m2. It can accommodate up to 42 people, usually 20 to 25 people with bunk beds.

Journey details


Loctudy (FR)


Santander (ES)

Map of the journey

Loctudy (FR) – Santander (ES)

What is included

    • Navigation
    • Basic training and workshops
    • Accident insurance
    • Bunk accommodation
    • Breakfast accommodation
    • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

What it does not include

    • Transport to and from the boat is at the expense of each person


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Journey: Loctudy (FR) – Santander (ES)
Price: 300,00

Availability: Last places available

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