Sevilla – Oporto


This unique sailboat was built in the 80’s following traditional techniques (shipwrighting) with a design inspired by the ships of the 18th century. Today it still belongs to the same family that built it.

In 2014 Atyla started offering adventure trips in which anyone could participate in the tasks on board. Since then, the ship annually makes an average of 22 trips, travels an average of 8,500 nautical miles in 8 different countries and welcomes hundreds of participants from all over the world.
In addition, each year the ship participates in an average of 9 maritime festivals, is seen by more than one million people and welcomes on board more than 50,000 visitors.

In 2017 Atyla crossed the Atlantic for the first time and visited 5 maritime festivals in Bermuda, the United States and Canada. At these festivals, Atyla has been the ship that has won the “most international crew award” most often in recent years.

Departing from the port of Seville (Muelle de las Delicias) and arriving at the seaport of Porto, this crossing consists of approximately 440 nautical miles. You will make an unforgettable voyage across the Atlantic Ocean bordering the prestigious Portuguese Algarve. Set course for the city of slopes and good food: Porto. Porto will surprise you with its suspension bridge and its river that separates the city in two.

This is the third of the 4 stages of the Iacobus Maris.

The Iacobus Maris Route has its roots in the millenary Jacobean tradition, the most powerful cultural and social fact in the history of Galicia and, to a great extent, of Spain and of the whole Europe of Christian tradition. The aims of the Foundation are: To disseminate and promote the Camino de Santiago, through the Traslatio for pilgrims and recreational boating enthusiasts; disseminate and promote the practice of teaching sailing in large sailboats, throughout the Spanish geography, without prejudice to the international arena, focusing on the interrelationship of different cultures and youth.

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The ATYLA has a length of 31 mts; a beam of 7 mts and a draft of 3 mts. Its year of construction was 1984. It has a capacity for 16 people.

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Map of the journey

Sevilla – Oporto

What is included

  • Navigation
  • Necessary basic training and workshops
  • Accommodation in bunk beds
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Polo shirt and commemorative cap of the route

What it does not include

  • Transportation to and from the boat is at the expense of each person.
  • Health insurance

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Journey: Sevilla – Oporto
Price: 1.125,00

Availability: Last places available

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